Laser Hair Removal for Women

Laser hair removal treatment is a process by which girls/women can enjoy hair free skin painlessly.

Women consider laser hair removal ideal for their personality

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Laser hair removal treatment is a process by which people can reduce unwanted hair. Laser technology involves the exposure of human pulse to laser light by which the hair follicles get destroyed. The laser technology is of modern means and has been into existence since 1990s. Since then, it has been upgraded and further modernized to address growing needs and demands of hair removal techniques. The laser treatment is used by practitioners and clinicians around the world.

The basic concept relies on selective photothermolysis. The pulse rate of humans is matched with specific wavelength of the laser lights. The laser beam heats up the targeted tissue area, without hampering the entire skin. By this, the hair follicles get destroyed, thereby leaving minimal chances of hair re-growth.

There are quite a number of laser techniques, of which the IPL and Diode laser are famous. However, there are subtle differences:

  • IPL is not a Laser technique, thus it is cheaper that diode treatment as the clinicians get the IPL devices at a lesser price.
  • Diode treatment consumes less number of sessions. Every six sessions of diode is equivalent to ten sessions of IPL
  • Penetration of IPL technique is slight whereas diode lasers have deep penetration. This ensures more effectiveness of using diode lasers.

Women have been keen on such hair removal remedies. As ladies are more conscious about their looks, appeal and personality, they love to settle with permanent solutions. With hair-free skin, they are likely to flaunt and adore their looks and overall personality.

Some major reasons of women being attracted towards laser hair removal are discussed below:

  • Unwanted body and skin hair especially in underarms, bikini lines, face, hands and legs are a cause of embarrassment. Presence of hairs in such parts hampers social status and prestige of women, owing to which they look for ultimate solutions.
  • The temporary hair removal process such as waxing consumes lot of time. At the same time, it is quite painful process as hot wax is poured into the skin. In addition, a significant amount needs to be spent at frequent intervals to get rid of unwanted hairs. Women therefore seek permanent solutions.
  • On the contrary, laser hair removal is free of pain and a convenient way to escape unwanted hairs.
  • The laser technique is quite effective and shown the best results

Generally, ladies ask for hair removal in the following areas:

  • Ladies prefer to have full body laser treatments so that they can reduce visible unwanted hair altogether.
  • Bikini areas are of utmost concern. By getting hair removed, ladies feel relieved and more confident.
  • Ladies, in no way approve having hairs in the underarms. Underarm hairs being exposed is a disregard on their behalf.
  • Arms and face, being exposed at all times, are preferred to be hair-free. It also builds image and personality.
  • Shaping of eyebrows through laser has found recognition as its gives permanent shaping of eyebrows, which becomes hassle-free for women.
  • Some other areas such as upper lip, chin and legs are also treated with lasers to make it glow.

It can therefore be concluded that women consider hair removal as an essential trait. Instead of bearing the loss of time and suffering from intense pain and rashes; women now prefer to try laser hair removal treatments. By just few sittings, they are likely to be free from excess hair and enhance their body smartness, confidence and body language. The treatment is highly credible and recommended to all smart ladies.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person


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