Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser treatment is based on modern techniques where laser rays are used to destroy the hair follicle. This leads to the considerable reduction of unwanted hairs from skin.

Laser hair removal has become a trend in men as they are becoming more style conscious

We are offering advanced procedure for laser hair removal for men which is done with the help of state-of-the -art & 3-in-one laser hair removal machine

Laser treatment is based on modern techniques where laser rays are used to destroy the hair follicle. This leads to permanent removal of unwanted hairs from skin. The laser treatment has evolved since 1990s and has been commercially available in cities and countries. The treatment is based on a concept called selective photothermolysis where the duration of human pulse is matched with a specific wavelength of light to achieve optimal effect on the targeted tissue with minimal effect on the surrounding tissues. Laser only targets hair follicle, the matter that is responsible for re-growth of hair and does not heat up the entire skin. In this manner, it damages the hair follicle without harming the skin area.

The two most common laser hair removal techniques in India are IPL and Diode. The intense pulsed light is used by medical and cosmetic practitioners to perform various skin treatments mainly for therapeutic and aesthetic uses. On the contrary, the diode laser is used in fiber optic communication, barcode readers, laser pointers, Blue ray disc reading, laser printing, laser scanning and other laser lighting sources. Often, the diode laser is used to treat skin disorders.

Men looking for hair removal procedures must know that there are two popular techniques to remove unwanted hair differ in the following ways:

  • IPL is actually not a laser technique & hence IPL is cheaper for the clinicians as compared to diode. Therefore, the laser service is provided at a cheaper cost to the common mass, when using intense pulsed light technique.
  • IPL treatment requires more sitting than diode. On an average, a 10 sitting IPL is equivalent to 6 sitting diode.
  • IPL is less effective in hair removal as it uses concentrated beam of incoherent light to burn the hair shaft. It lacks the ability of the diode to produce selective bandwidth that will only affect the hair follicle.
  • IPL also penetrates slightly where diode lasers have deep penetration. In the former case, the key structure of hairs is not destroyed.
  • IPL use gels to cool skin. The gels not only mess with the skin but also fail to maintain the cooling sensation. On the other hand, lasers have advanced cooling sensations.
  • IPLs are not considered safe for dark or tanned skin whereas diode lasers are suitable for all skin types and conditions.

Men have now considered hair removal mainly due to the following reasons:

  • Due to changes in lifestyle and fashion, men are now considering hair removal as a life-changing event.
  • It has become a trend and men are likely to get carried away by the hype that is generated by hair removers.
  • Hair removing also enhances look and personality. It creates ones distinct image and men are likely to create good impression by carrying a hairless body and skin.
  • In addition, men are compelled by professions such as acting, modeling, hardcore workout and bodybuilding, which demands clean body.
  • Men have all the more become conscious about their physical looks and appeal.
  • In fact more percentage of men ask for complete hair removal from their body, with no traces of hair in arms, chest and back in comparison to women.
  • They also consider shaping of beard for a complete look.

It can therefore be concluded that laser hair removal has been regarded as an essential trait. Whether it is profession or mere liking, such services are being availed by men, in large numbers. The two prime laser hair removal techniques have their own pros and cons. Men therefore chooses the kind of treatment that best suit their preferences and choices. With passing of days, laser techniques are undergoing modifications and improvements, thereby speculating a better future growth.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person


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