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Laser Hair Removal for Legs, Arms, Face, Full Body, Chest, Back, Bikini Area, Underarms, Chin, Cheeks etc. all available at our center in Delhi.

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Laser hair removal is a lifetime thing and instead of offering discounts, we prefer to remain focused on quality. Yes, of course, You will find our packages very affordable.

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Treatment starts with skin and hair diagnosis and a FREE session with our dermatologist


Before treatment, we rule out all possible causes like PCOD in women for severe hair growth (if any). This is important because, it could affect results.


Proper consultation is provided with the expected results

Very Fine Hair

We do not recommend treatment on very fine hair as it could lead to aggresive hair growth at treated area

Multiple Laser Types

We have IPL Machine & all 3 Laser Types (ND Yag, Diaode & Alexandrite Laser)

Different Skin & Hair

We use different laser types for different skin & hair colour


We use combination of lasers for best results. Combination of Diode Lasers & IPL or combination of different types of lasers like ND Yad, Diode or Alexandrite lasers

Different Wavelengths

After few sessions, hair becomes thinner & may not react to same kind of wavelength so we use lasers with different wavelength which is recommended by our skin specialist

No Side Effects

No pain, no burn & no leave

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Highly experienced & professional staff

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Best treatment with best results*

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation is a common and prevalent method used to reduce and minimize the growth of unwanted hair in the body. It is a very popular cosmetic hair reduction treatment in the U.S which has helped countless patients in their unwanted hair problems for many years now.

With the advent of technology, this procedure has been constantly upgrading with newer advancements. In this procedure, hair follicles are destroyed by highly concentrated light beams. This procedure is effective in treating leg, arm, face, bikini line, underarm, and other areas.

Care Well Medical Centre, a reputed name in Laser and other cosmetic surgery procedures has provided treatment to innumerous patients suffering from unwanted hair related problems and is renowned for its success rate. They have high-end machines and expert technicians and medical practitioners to support and guide the patients throughout their treatment tenure giving them a well cared and completely satisfactory hair removal experience!

Benefits of Laser Hair Reduction Procedure

There are various benefits of this procedure including:

Speed: This procedure is very fast and each session takes a maximum of 45 minutes to complete. For treating smaller regions, this procedure requires less than 10 minutes. The procedure is relatively faster and less complicated than the other hair reduction treatment options available.

Accuracy: Laser procedure involves selective targeting of hair follicles and doesn’t involve any effect on the surrounding regions. It has minimal or no visible effects on the region surrounding the treatment area. It only focuses on the rough and dark hair follicles leaving the nearby skin and epidermis undamaged.

Less Pain: There is absolutely minimal pain involved with this procedure. Patients who undergo this treatment describe the pain as that of pinching or pulling of skin. The pain is completely bearable and patients do not feel it to a great extent.

Proven Results: The procedure has visible results with regards to the hair growth and density after two or three sessions. For the results to be visible the patient will have to wait for more than three sessions after which one can see a visible decrease in the density and the thickness of the hair.

Safe and Less Complicated: Laser hair reduction treatment is completely safe for all kinds of skin. There are not many observed complications involved when performed by a certified practitioner. The session gets over in less than an hour and post which the patient can get back to their daily routine. There is no anesthesia administration during the procedure or healing time required after the procedure.

Preparing for the Laser Procedure

Before getting this treatment it is always advisable to check the various options available and also get a thorough knowledge on the pros and cons of the procedure. While it is safe to say that this treatment has visible results and is worth the money and time, it is not advisable to expect full removal of hair growth. One must also check the background and experience of the practitioner and the centre where one is planning to take the treatment.

It is very important that the patient discusses the various medications and the ailments before the start of the procedure so as to enable the practitioner to make a better decision with regards to carrying out the treatment or to suggest alternative methods.

Before the procedure, the patient would be advised to stop plucking and waxing. This is because the laser treatment targets hair follicles which get removed temporarily by plucking and waxing. The procedure will be rendered ineffective if the hair follicles are plucked or waxed off from the epidermis. It is however fine to shave as it doesn’t affect the hair follicles.

The patients will also be advised to avoid sun exposure for as long as 6 weeks prior to the laser treatment as it may result in tanning of skin. A tanned or dark skin increases the risk of side-effects.

What to Expect?

The procedure is fairly simple with the doctor using a handheld laser device to the treatment area. As soon as the laser is activated, one will experience sharp pricking sensation like rubber strings hitting the skin. This is due to the laser burning the hair follicles. Prior to the treatment, the hair in the region will be trimmed using a razor, giving scope for proper penetration of the laser beam. There will be slight discomfort and obvious redness in the treated region for some time. Using ice packs or cool pads can ease the swelling and redness.

Care Well Medical Centre, backed with its expert team ensures minimal side effects and visible results within few sessions.

Recovery and Risks

There are innumerable risks associated with this procedure if not taken by a certified and reputed practitioner. Otherwise, the most common and prevalent effect of laser hair reduction procedure is the slight discomfort during the procedure and a subsequent temporary redness and swelling in the treated region. There are some cases of slight temporary pigmentation of the skin in the treated region. This may be due to the laser beams penetrating the epidermis. This pigmentation is however temporary and the skin will revert to its original coloration in a few weeks time.

It is very important for the patients to discuss the various medications and prior treatment histories associated with them so as to enable the doctors in understanding the case in a better and suggest alternate treatment if necessary. The reason for the hair growth must also be determined before taking this treatment.

There is no recovery time since the treatment does not involve any local or general anesthesia. The treatment is non-invasive and hence doesn’t require any post procedural care. The patients are free to go about their daily routine post the procedure. The only care to be taken is that there must be minimal or no sun exposure after the treatment and one must apply a sun blocking lotion with a high SPF during and after the treatment.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal for Chest Rs. 2999*
Laser Hair Removal for Back Rs. 3499*
Laser Hair Removal for Underarms Rs. 999*
Laser Hair Removal for Beard Shaping Starting from Rs. 999*
Laser Hair Removal for Bikini Area Rs. 1999
Full Body Laser Hair Removal (Women) Rs. 7799* + 1 Complementary Area
Full Body Laser Hair Removal (Men) Rs. 8699* + 1 Complementary Area
Facial Laser Hair Removal Buy 1 & get 1 Area Complementary
(for e.g. you pay for Upper Lip & Chin area will be complementary)
Full Legs Laser Hair Removal Rs. 3999* + 1 Complementary Area
Laser Hair Removal for Full Arms Rs. 1999* + 1 Complementary Area
Laser Hair Removal for Chin Buy 1 & get 1 Area Complementary
Laser Hair Removal for Eyebrow Shaping Buy 1 & get 1 Area Complementary
Laser Hair Removal for Upper Lip Buy 1 & get 1 Area Complementary
Laser Hair Removal for Cheeks Buy 1 & get 1 Area Complementary
Laser Hair Removal for Unibrow Buy 1 & get 1 Area Complementary

* Cost Per Session & this cost is applicable on booking of minimum 4 sessions + S. Tax as per available.

The average cost of a laser hair reduction session can range anywhere from INR 700 to INR 2000 per session for small areas like cheeks, chin, upper lip, under arms etc. & for larger areas like back, chest, full legs, full arms etc. the cost ranges from INR 2500 to INR 10,000 per session. Cost also depends on the density of hair & intensity of hair growth at area to be treated. The number of sessions is determined by the thickness and the density of the hair growth and varies from patient to patient.

The cost per session also depends on the location and city where the treatment is scheduled. It also depends on who is performing it on the patient. A doctor’s fees might be different from that of a technician.

Since the treatment is patient specific, a fixed cost can’t be assigned to it and every patient must have a face-to-face discussion with the practitioner to understand the number of sessions required and the areas to be treated.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person


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